I'm a dumbass

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I'm a dumbass

Postby -7-Slappy on Tue Apr 14, 2009 11:17 am

For more than a few reasons, but the latest is this:

I had last Friday off (furlough day at work, everybody is taking one un-paid day per pay period) so I went on a knee-jerk trip to MicroCenter in Rockville. Did I go early in the day, so I could make it an enjoyable outing? Oh no! I left home at 2:45 so as I hit 95 then 495, I'm noticing an alarming amount of traffic on the other side of the highway. Uh oh. Call that Mistake #1.

Fine, I make it down there in like 45 minutes and spend a while hanging around. NICE fuckin' store! I'd been to another location a long time ago, but it wasn't nearly as "put together" as this one, very cool joint. Mistake #2 - I didn't even pick up a supply of Bawls! I have been meaning to stock up on the cherry & try the root beer, but I was so worried about getting trapped on the Beltway on the return trip, I totally spaced. Grrrrrr.

I did manage to avoid the hell that was the return trip though, told the trusty GPS to "Minimize highways" on the return trip & I wound around through who the hell knows where & ended up back on 495 at a good spot. Never really slowed down & made it home in under an hour. Guess I'll have to plan another trip to get those cases of Bawls now. Who's up for it?? 8)
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Re: I'm a dumbass

Postby Junglestud on Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:56 pm

LoL, I spent the better part of the day in that clusterfuck.

From RT50 near fairfax all the way up to RT100 in MD. It took around 3 1/2 hours to make a 45 minute trip, on the damn brakes the whole time around 5mph.

I was cursing like a drunken sailor. :oops:

I always have coffee when I watch radar, you know that, everyone knows that!
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