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PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2003 2:46 pm
by Kloked1
I am now running a dedicated Teamspeak server for all to use, PM me or email me to get the address and password.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 04, 2003 8:52 pm
by Kloked1
teamspeak server is down right now, i think my router just shitted out, ill keep ya posted

PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2003 8:33 pm
by Kloked1
Ok were back in business all passwords and logins are the same, the address is, due to the fact that i am running this on DHCP i will be giving an update to this post every 7 days or so with the new ip, hopefully i can get comcast to give me a static ip the we'll really be rockin

PostPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2003 3:13 pm
by Yari
what is teamspeak?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2003 3:19 pm
by Junglestud
Good stuff, I usually pop on at night when I have some free time. It's a real time full duplex voice over IP setup that actually works, and works well. :D

PostPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2003 10:03 pm
by Kloked1
yeah yari d/l it here, d/l the client and connect to the ip listed in the BDS forum, ill pm u the password

PostPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2003 11:18 pm
by Yari
sweet, ive never used my microphones before, their gathering dust in the closet. i wonder if they even work.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 08, 2003 10:34 pm
by Yari
no ones ever on so i dont know if its working or not, would be cool if it did.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 09, 2003 10:18 pm
by Kloked1
I was on last night and so were u I saw your name but all i ever heard was a bit of lauging and it sounded like someone was hitting the mike, i was about to kick you when you left, punding on a mike that is turned up can get irritating quick, i am usually signed on at night around 10.