Teamspeak is back and so is BDS!

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Teamspeak is back and so is BDS!

Postby Kloked1 on Thu Jun 17, 2004 10:15 pm

Its been a while everyone but BDS is back in action (we'll be at the next LAN) and furthermore the teamspeak server is back up. I have made many people registered users and I will private message you the username and passwords, for anyone I missed you can private message me and I'll put you on it, you can log on as anonymous but all you can do is chat in the main lounge, but from there a registered user can register you. All insidge gamers users please use IG as a prefix to your name, maryland lan gamers please use MDLG as your prefix, BDS members of course will use BDS as their prefix. below is the server info, go to quick connect, and put in teh following:

server name:
new users need only put in a nickname registered users must type in their login name, nickname, and password (use the same name for login name and nickname).

If you don't have teamspeak you can download it from

All registered members of inside gamers and maryland lan gamers are welcome to use this server at any time for any game, all I ask is that you create a channel for your game, so as not to have the lobby filled with 4 or 5 different conversations.
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