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question for the car guys

PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2004 3:43 pm
by mofiki
ok got in an accident last night just me and the wall i only have liability so the insurance company isent giving me a penny for the car so im taking my money and parting the supra out just wondering if you guys can give me an idea what to ask for the diferant parts i know you guys run this stuff threw ebay but i have like 3-5 people with the same model supra in my shop and well it will be easer to get money this way already had someone offer me 500$ for the turbo but i found the turbo and the manafold going on ebay for 600 pounds any way any idea's will help thanks

PostPosted: Tue Oct 12, 2004 9:37 am
by Junglestud
If you can sell it locally, what are you waiting for numbnuts!?! :P

Seriously though, I like to sell locally rather than over ebay or boards, no shipping/ebay fees/paypal fees etc...

PostPosted: Tue Oct 12, 2004 3:05 pm
by mofiki
its ok man me and a few people looked at it collectivley as far as cost to fix and price to sell we found the same model supra at the local junk yard the only problem we could see was the hatch was leaking badley must be a known peoblem with them and a dent in the drivers side door i picked up the front cap off of the other one the (side fenders front part of the cap including medal part the hood and the metal peice tha goes under the front fender my fender is fine no crieses at all )
the frame looks ok the left side in the corner is pushed down about 2 inches nothing we cant solve with a body streacher :) the parts only cost me 200 pounds about 350$ american the guy dident want to sell me the whole car told me that he could get more money parting it out no biggie with the hood gone the starter and altinator were rusted in 3 days i will hate to see the engion in like a month
i am tempted to ask him how much he wants for all the transmidtion stuff from the shifter to the transmidtion but not the transmidtion seeing as i wanted to turn mine into a manual but the one at the junk yard is na tuned and mine is turbo only a diferance of 11 hp but dident want to chance it