Tough job

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Tough job

Postby Junglestud on Tue Oct 19, 2004 11:53 am

Found this on another forum, pretty sad! I think I will stick with my good ol' american cars. :p

Yeah, so I'm sitting at work right now waiting for my roommate to get done with his work so we can go home. I was screwing around on our Mercedes Benz diagnostic manual and stumbled across the work instructions on how to change spark plugs on the new SLR. Thought you guys might find it interesting. Seems pretty easy to me.

Replace Spark Plugs

I. Remove Engine
1. Disconnect ground cable from battery
2. Disconnect main cable harness from engine wiring harness
3. Raise vehicle
4. Remove bottom engine compartment panelling
5. Remove tunnel covering
6. Drain coolant
7. Drain oil
8. Drain automatic transmission fluid
9. Remove air cleaner housing
10. Remove fan
11. Separate coolant lines (1,2) from charge air cooler
12. Remove rear muffler
13. Separate oil feed and return line of oil tank
14. Separate lines of crankcase ventilation system from fitting of oil tank
15. Remove oil lines to oil cooler
16. Detach shift rod at transmission
17. Unbolt ground strap at transmission
18. Disconnect electrical connections at generator
19. Disconnect electrical connections at starter
20. Disconnect 13-pin plug socket from automatic transmission
21. Detach fuel lines
22. Extract oil of power steering pump
23. Disconnect ground line at power steering pump
24. Detach return flow and pressure lines of power steering pump
25. Evacuate fluid of A/C system
26. Open refrigerant lines connection at condenser
27. Separate connection of A/C system at distributor unit
28. Open connection of coolant return line
29. Separate automatic oil line from automatic oil cooler
30. Place engine supporting device underneath and align
31. Remove rear engine mount
32. Remove propeller shaft
33. Place the transmission jack underneath the rear axle center assembly
34. Detach steering shaft with universal joint at steering gear
35. Unscrew bolts from engine support bearing
36. Lower drive unit
37. Disconnect heater hose at firewall
38. Disconnect connection line of activated charcoal canister from compressor
39. Slowly lower the drive unit and guide it out of vehicle
40. Detach automatic transmission from engine

II. Remove exhaust manifold with catalytic converter
III. Unplug spark plug connector
IV. Unscrew spark plugs
V. Install in the reverse order

And to make this job even harder, absolutely NO AIR TOOLS are allowed to be used on the SLR. And for good reason, if bolt threads on any carbon fiber component are stripped, it must be shipped to Germany (maybe England?) to be re-tapped. We can't do shit to repair them at the shop. McLaren also wants all bolts to be torqued to the inch-pound. I would have liked to be the SLR tech but that thing just seems like a huge bucket of stress.


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