Please read me...

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Please read me...

Postby Junglestud on Tue Nov 30, 2004 4:10 pm

I was surfing around the next, and for some reason ran a who-is for our site here at Much to my dismay, some of the keywords really bothered me, like "hacker" "hack" "warez" and various other crapola like that.

Let it be known that any posts dealing with any form of software piracy as well as any other illegal activities will be deleted from the forums as soon as I see it.

I want to keep everything about IG on the up-and-up, and promote the image of our gaming community as one that is honest and pays for games/software they play/use. I know I do, and expect the same from everyone else. :P

Now back to your regularly scheduled postings! 8)

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