Will have some T-shirts and Bummper stickers for sale at lan

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Will have some T-shirts and Bummper stickers for sale at lan

Postby Merlin on Tue Jan 11, 2005 9:12 pm

I have a 1 of each of the following T-shirts that have Gaming/Hacker saying's on them like Frag the weak, hurdle the dead $22, Live in your world G3T PWN3D IN MINE $22, RIAA's #1 Most Wanted $22 and Video Games make me do BAD THINGS $26

Also have many differt 8" x 2 bumper stickers all at $2 each with sayings like
31337, All your base belong to us, All your oil belong to us
Every time you download music god kills a kitten
F the RIAA, Frag the weak, hurdle the dead, Fragging Permit
Gamer. ,Closet Geek, Got Root, Grue, Hacker, Hacking Permit
Homie don't right-click, I am not a geek, I eat noobs, I Hack Ban Me
I Hate This Map, I live in my parents basement, I Read your Email
I steal music off the Internet, I was young, I needed the gold pieces
I'm l33t!, Infinite Improbability Drive,
Jesus Saves and only takes half damage
Linus is my Homeboy
Master chief is my biatch
Music Pirate
Not even norton can protect you
One More Level Just one more level
Pirates of the Internet
Social Engineering
Stop Laughing computers are cool!
Talk Nerdy to Me
u r teh suck!!!1!
Vintage Geek
Wardriving Bumper

Just ask for M3RLIN
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